Welcome to Stem-Practice.
Stem-Practice is a tool for instructors to allow students to practice math and science problems and get help while they work out solutions. It is designed to allow instructors to tailor problems to a specific curriculum. It will mathmatically typeset student math answers as they type. It will automatically check answers and provide hints, suggestions or explanations if a student gets stuck.
Use it for a study guide before an exam or for homework or just practice. It is free for the public site.


Why Stem-Practice?
It is called STEM practice because it allows questions to be answered with mathmatical equations or expressions (supporting Science/Technology/Engineering/Math) and not just picking from choices.


  • Problems are for your class so will help you do better on exams.
  • Answers are checked instantly for every question.
  • Answers are simplified mathmatically so .5 and 1/2 are the same when you answer.
  • Equation answers are simplified so y=x+2 and y=2+x are the same when you answer.
  • You may get hints depending on your answer instead of always just "Wrong!".
  • You may get suggestions of similar problems to help you solve harder problems.
  • You can get links to other web sites for instruction or help.
  • You can make comments about questions so you can complain about poorly worded questions.
  • You can look at the answer if you really need to.
  • You can get medals and trophies for mastering topics.
  • Hints and suggestions about other problems and being able to look at the answer if you need to can help you get unstuck and less frustrated when problems are hard.


  • Instructors can create their own topics and classes organized how they like.
  • Instructors can import existing classes instead of starting from scratch.
  • Instructors can share topics and classes and collaborate.
  • The instructor console is simple to use to create and change content.
  • Instructors can see the status of all students in a class in one page at a glance.
  • Instructors can see student answers and attempts and how long they spend thinking.
  • Instructors can see if students looked at answers.
  • Instructors can see comments/questions from students about problems/topics.
  • Instructors can write opened ended questions that require graphs as answers.
  • Instructors can write answers with free text answers with multiple acceptable answers.
  • You can use the support link to request to be become an instructor (free on public site).


    A school can use the support link to request a site specific to one a school or district. This would restrict the classes and content viewed by students to content defined by the school.
    There may be a fee for a custom school site.


    Many of the features that check answers, provide hints, suggest problems are smart and help students become smarter.
    Allowing a student to enter math equations and typographically display the math as they type is smart. It is also fun! Seeing what you type turn into the math like the text book is smart and fun.
    Stem-practice can be used on tablets and phones as well as computer web browsers. When used on a tablet or a phone students can use voice to speak answers. The spoken answers are recognized as math equations or free form text depending on the question.
    Stem-practice is implemented in the cloud with serverless technology. It uses the latest advanced web technology to use lighting and shadows and animation transitions in the user experience. This is smart and fun and allows it to be free for the public site.